The original placard of Bernstein's musical West Side Story was the starting point for the print Waste Site Story/ Sick Serf Saga. Here, compared with the original poster, the two persons can't dance together, but why is it supposed to be a saga? The admiration for the higher virtue of the oppressed always fascinated me because of an absurd inner conflict. The stadium of higher virtue usually is granted when unworthy circumstances gnaw at the ruler's conscience and this often occurs when his power is in danger. The idealisation of the victim and estimation of his altruism is useful for both the oppressor and the liberator. From the oppressor's point of view the currency of heroic reputation compensates the omission of proper payment. On the other hand communists or socialists generally ask for social improvements that in the cause undermine the picture of the virtuous worker if proper education and alimentation is really achieved. The whole "workers' saga" with its complementary definition of the proletarian as a non-capitalist and vice versa is pretty dumb. I used and transformed all formal elements of the original placard including the Z shaped steel girders which were mirrored into the S shaped letters for the building on the right opposite side.

Waste Site Story, 2005, number of pieces: 25, size 50*70cm